eHealthcare Consulting provides both ambulatory and inpatient solutions.

Our team is experienced in helping to provide solutions for healthcare networks, HIT management teams,
independent groups and affiliate physicians.

Quality Programs

More emphasis is being placed on patient experience with reimbursements now being tied to quality rather than quantity. Most of these initiatives started with the CMS Meaningful Use program, but now private payers are also seeing the benefit. With programs like PCMH, Meaningful Use and ICD-10, it is only going to get more and more difficult to live in a paper-based world where integration and working together for better outcomes will reign king. Quality improvement is an ongoing process that acts as a measuring system to ensure we are exceeding the expectations of our patients. Our team of former Regional Extension Center and Health Information Exchange employees has developed a methodology that works and can help you with a successful transition. Click below to learn more!

More Information

Meaningful Use

      • MU Education
      • Exemption Filing
      • Practice Assessment
      • Medicare/Medicaid – Registrations
      • Vendor Selection
      • Workflow Analysis and Redesign
      • Gap Analysis
      • Security Risk Assessment
      • Implementation
      • Attestation Assistance
      • Audit Support


      • PQRS Program Education
      • PQRS Vendor Analysis
      • Measure Selection
      • Provider Participation Method Selection
      • Crosswalk with Multiple Quality Programs
      • PQRS Submission Assistance
      • PQRS Gap Analysis (throughout reporting period)



      • PCMH Assessment and Planning
      • PCMH Implementation
      • PCMH Optimization
      • Workflow Design and Redesign

Data & Population Health

We offer services and solutions created to help you improve health outcomes and reduce costs in patient populations. Our pro-active approach involves a detailed assessment to help you identify and uncover patterns of progression. This assessment includes an analysis of quality metrics and data analytics in order to evaluate and help drive interventions. If you don’t have the following or know what it means to you, ask us how we can help!

More Information
    • Data reporting – Where are you pulling the information? Is it accurate?
    • What is population health?
    • How are you preventing re-admissions?
    • How are people doing it?
    • Am I effectively using technology in my practice to improve patient outcomes?
    • What populations and patterns are most prevalent in my practice?
    • What technologies are out there to specifically target this healthcare struggle (i.e. Diabetes, Chrones Disease and/or Fibromyalgia, obesity, heart disease, etc..)
    • Are there mobile applications that I should be using?
    • Does my vendor have mobile apps that already integrate well with their system?
    • What are the struggles with it?

Implementation & Optimization

Our ability to partner strategically with our clients to identify potential risk areas specific to their implementation is one of the things that set us apart from our competition. Our team helps our clients identify all key consulting needs and provides consultants that have operations and system software expertise. We remain committed to maintaining very close ties to various software communities and our strong relationships ensure that we provide quality candidates. Implementing an EHR can be a daunting task for a healthcare organization. We believe there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to EHR implementations, thus we focus our initial efforts on understanding the client’s culture and management style and tailoring a model that specifically meets their needs.

More Information
      • Project Implementation Assistance
        • EHR Project Planning
        • Budget Management
        • Risk Assessment & Mitigation
        • Workflow Analysis
        • System Build Support
        • Systems Testing Support
        • Automated Testing Strategy​
        • Infrastructure Implementation/Integration
        • EHR Optimization Project Planning and Support
      • End User Training
        • Training Plan and Strategy Analysis and Development
        • Training Management Support
        • End-User Classroom Training Support
      • Change Management
        • Analysis of Communication and Change Management Needs
        • Physicians Adoption Strategy Development
        • Communication Strategy Development
        • End User Change Management Strategy Development
      • Quality and Reporting
        • Meaningful Use
        • Quality Measures
        • ICD-10
      • HIPAA Compliance
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