Automated EHR Testing

Maximize Your Resources Through Automated Testing

Our team can help you perform automated testing to get you moving in the right direction. Our automated testing process is easy, accurate, efficient and flexible. We will help you pinpoint specific problems and identify what solutions are needed.


Get A Clear View Of The Issues

+  Decreases testing variables

+  Ensures all expected outcomes are tested and validated each and every time

+  Easily tests build outside of expected outcomes

+  Accurate patient creation for training

+  Timely patient creation for training

+  Testing build in training environment post-creation


Get Solutions Fast

+  Decreases time analysts spend testing – first pass testing is automated

+  Decreases time analysts spend regression testing for upgrade or code updates

+  Decreases time trainers spend prepping patients and testing the training environment

+  Increases time analysts have for optimization and/or implementation tasks

+  Increases time trainers have for class preparation and curriculum development


Find The Right Fit

+  Testing: automate application and/or integrated testing scripts

+  Training and Bulk Testing: automate the creation of thousands of patients

+  Technical Dress Rehearsals: automate device testing

+  Automation of charge testing (bulk) for all procedures and associated charges

Automate EHR Testing Case Study

  • Learn how one client used automated testing to upgrade their testing scripts
  • Understand our approach to ensure automated testing will work for your organization
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