If your organization adheres to our six step “Cycle to Success”, we are confident that you will successfully transform your organization or practice into the healthcare provider of the future.

1 Meaningful Use 1

Together, we will ensure that your organization follows the requirements for Meaningful Use 1.


  • Meaningful Use Education
  • Practice Assessment
  • Medicare/Medicaid Registration
  • Vendor Selection
  • Workflow Analysis
  • Gap Analysis
  • Workflow Redesign
  • Security Risk Assessment
  • Implementation
  • Post Go-Live Support
  • Attestation Assistance
  • Audit Preparation
  • Support & Strategy
2 Meaningful Use 2

We will help you implement the recommended and required elements of Meaningful Use 2.


  • Education
  • Exemption Filing
  • Practice Assessment
  • Patient Portal Assessment
  • Workflow Analysis
  • Interoperability Strategy
  • Best Practice Recommendations
  • Workflow Analysis/Redesign
  • Gap Analysis
  • Security Risk Assessment
  • Solutions Implementation
  • Attestation Assistance
  • Audit Preparation
  • Support and Strategy
3 Interoperability

Let’s gather some analytics and start emphasizing integration with other healthcare organizations.


  • “Big Data” – identification
  • Workflows/processes to capture data
  • Capturing data discretely
  • Developing EHR reporting capabilities
  • Increasing your EHR reporting capabilities
4 Population Health

Implementing electronic health records will support initiatives to address population health issues.


  • Defining Population Health
  • Identifying focused groups –  populations and patterns
  • EHR/devices/software to support initiative
  • Workflows/processes to support capturing data
  • Reports to support “visualization”
  • Accuracy of data – reports
  • Accessibility to the “data”
  • Analysis of the “data”
5 Increased Patient Outcomes

By changing your technology, your organization now has the power to improve patient outcomes.

  • Systems to support Meaningful Use – continuum of care (EHR – HIE)
  • Systems to support interoperability/analytics – monitor individuals along the continuum
  • Population Health – patient outcomes analysis, monitor groups of individuals along the continuum
  • Patient Portal – patient communication/accessibility
  • Telemedicine – devices/systems
6 Increased Revenue

Now that your health information technology efforts are aligned, it’s time to increase revenue.


  • Increased patient satisfaction – increased patient volumes
  • Improve revenue cycle system solutions
  • Standardize and streamlined workflows and processes
  • Patient/payor reimbursement or program involvement
  • Decrease downward payment adjustments – MU/PQRS
  • Creative patient payment options

Are you ready to start maximizing your potential?

Maybe it’s time to start planning for a better future.