eHealthcare’s “Cycle To Success”

Keeping up with health information technology (HIT) requirements can be a difficult endeavor. Whether you are in Meaningful Use Stage 1 or you are in the throes of attacking Stage 2, governmental regulations pose increasingly difficult guidelines for healthcare organizations to follow and adopt.


Our team of experts is focused on helping you and your organization “reduce the burden” associated with these guidelines. Specifically, we can help with:



  • Implementing the latest technologies
  • Supporting you as you adopt new technology
  • Managing internal IT changes
  • Dealing with audits, quality reports and more


Our “Cycle to Success” starts with Meaningful Use and ends with increasing your revenue. The team at eHealthcare Consulting focuses on meeting you where you are in the process and providing you with expert advice on how to improve patient care while ultimately increasing your revenue.

Tell us more about your organization so we can help you get started.

Our clients’ needs differ greatly depending on their organization’s structure and where they fall in our “Cycle to Success”. Whether you provide inpatient and/or outpatient services, our team can help you implement an IT strategy that will help you turn complicated technological struggles into competitive advantages. Please select your type of role to learn more about our services tailored specifically for you!



Only 39% of physicians, hospitals, and other medical practices report that they are currently sharing data online or properly utilizing electronic health records within their organization.



Though 39% of physicians report using electronic health records, only 14% of these physicians are sharing these electronic records with ambulatory care providers or hospitals outside of their organization.



Though most hospitals have the capabilities of Meaningful Use 2, only 10% of hospitals are providing patients with easy online access to their electronic health records.


How our health information technology management services can help you:

 We’ll help you implement IT solutions.

We offer complete inpatient and outpatient Meaningful Use services. We can help you connect the dots and adhere to cumbersome HIT related requirements. Our job is to make your job easier.

 We’ll train you to use and adopt new technology.

Once we give you the tools you need to succeed, we won’t just walk away. Our team will be there to help you understand the technology and the logic behind it. We will work with your team members to ensure technology is implemented correctly the first time and we will train your team to ensure continued success.

 We’ll help you manage internal technology changes.

Switching to new HIT solutions is often very difficult. With the proper change management and project management philosophies, we can help you with this transition. We will help you make your transition as seamless as possible.

 We’ll help you with audits, quality reporting, & more.

We understand that audits and reporting requirements can be daunting. Our team of experts can help you find the information that you need and ensure that you are ready if you are audited. We help your fill in the blanks so that you are adhering to all rules and regulations.